Lifelong dream

I quit my job.

I can't believe I did it... but I did. I quit my job. I feels weird to write it and it felt even weirder when I talked about i with my mom. I don't know. I wanted to do it for the longest time now. I really didn't enjoy my job anymore and I felt like a burden to go every day and feeling like you don't belong, you know. But now it feels like a weight been lifted of my shoulders and everything feels so light and bright. The other reason I decided to quit my job is because I want to travel. I never had that thing when you're right out of school and just try to find yourself. I started working right away and haven't had time for anything else than my job. And my job didn't give me anything back. But I've been smart and I haven't used any of my money other than stuff I really, really needed. So, now I'm planning the trip of my life. I am going to visit all the places I've always wanted to visit and I am really, truly happy. I am going to visit france and eat real french food. I am going to visit Italy and taste a real pizza and just eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner (I love pasta!). Then I will be going to germany and visit some castles and then visit denmark. I will also travel to sweden and go on a boat charter in stockholm. I just feel really positive right now and I am so happy that I quit my job and that I will be able fulfill my lifelong dream of just travelling around the world and see, taste and hear other stuff.